Hilfetexte – Einrichten des Benutzerkontos (2)

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Curabitur ultricies congue massa

Some days you get the bear, and some days the bear gets you. I recommend you don’t fire until you’re within 40,000 kilometers. This is not about revenge. This is about justice. Not if I weaken first. Fear is the true enemy, the only enemy. Sure. You’d be surprised how far a hug goes with Geordi, or Worf. Your head is not an artifact! My oath is between Captain Kargan and myself. Your only concern is with how you obey my orders. Or do you prefer the rank of prisoner to that of lieutenant? Wait a minute – you’ve been declared dead. You can’t give orders around here.

We finished our first sensor sweep of the neutral zone. I’ll alert the crew. I can’t. As much as I care about you, my first duty is to the ship. Well, I’ll say this for him – he’s sure of himself. Fate. It protects fools, little children, and ships named “Enterprise.” Damage report! I guess it’s better to be lucky than good. Mr. Worf, you sound like a man who’s asking his friend if he can start dating his sister. Could someone survive inside a transporter buffer for 75 years? How long can two people talk about nothing? When has justice ever been as simple as a rule book? They were just sucked into space. Wouldn’t that bring about chaos? Besides, you look good in a dress. Did you come here for something in particular or just general Riker-bashing? I’m afraid I still don’t understand, sir. Congratulations – you just destroyed the Enterprise. About four years. I got tired of hearing how young I looked. That might’ve been one of the shortest assignments in the history of Starfleet. For an android with no feelings, he sure managed to evoke them in others. A surprise party? Mr. Worf, I hate surprise parties. I would *never* do that to you. Worf, It’s better than music. It’s jazz. Our neural pathways have become accustomed to your sensory input patterns. Mr. Worf, you do remember how to fire phasers? Yes, absolutely, I do indeed concur, wholeheartedly! (…)

(Wer es bis hierher geschafft hat: Der richtige Text kommt noch ;-)

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